Stone Supplying

At boulevard, we disallow compromising of our material quality from all angles and perspectives. We offer a wide range of materials to choose from. With the special attention given by our consulting team, materials are arrived at your job site free of any problem with a solid packing and crafting. We are committed to deliver innovation, quality and flawless craftsmanship to create the look you desire.

We cut and finish the stones to meet our clients building and design requirements. We help our customers find the perfect solution. We bring stones from different parts of the world and ensure high quality in the products delivered at all times. We constantly collaborate, document and share our skills so that we can enable our customers to focus on their true purpose. As we provide different materials to choose from, we have the freedom to provide assistance in material selection, assuring material availability, color range selection and meeting the technical requirements. With our experiences with different materials,a we are able to meet the quality requirements for each project.

Being an expert in this industry, we at Boulevard focus on providing our expert opinion on client’s design and technical questions. Enquiries on product features, technical info, stone finishes, buildability, colors, designs and suitability to use are dealt with great dedication and expertise on a daily basis. The experts at Boulevard marbles answers to your enquiries in a professional and efficient way. We are partnered with certified partners to provide quality assurance of our stone work.

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