Stone Finishes

Just as important as it is to choose a right material that suits a particular project, it’s equally important to select the appropriate finish for the material. The surface finish helps to dictate the functional characteristics of the material.  A polished finish would provide a smooth and reflective work surface and the polish that coats the marble does offer some stain resistance. Stone finishing helps to bring out the inherent beauty and shine hiding just beneath the surface of your natural stone or marble. You’ll discover increased beauty of your natural stone surfaces once our experts have shown you what our stone finishing services can do.

There are close to 10 different finish options for natural stone, ranging from polished finish, honed finish, brushed look to antiqued and flamed look, from bush hammered and brushed to sandblasted surface, split face surface and leathered finish.

The finish you select depends on the type of stone you’ve chosen for your residence or business.  A polished finish closes most of the pores on the stone surface, making it easiest to clean and helping to repels stains. Granite is generally very stain resistant regardless of the finish. Once you’ve engaged Boulevard marbles to handle your project, you’ll certainly recognize the professional expertise and exacting care our specialists delivers to every job. Whatever your stone finish requires, we are capable of applying the different finishes in a professional and efficient manner.


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